Modern family business with tradition

Honesty, reliability and sustainability have been the guiding themes since the establishment of the company Einböck in 1934. Since that time these themes are exemplified by the family business in the third generation. Leopold Einböck who is a certified locksmith is the director of the company since 1987 and he puts his heart and soul into his company!
Together with Birgit Einböck he led a small traditional factory to an international operating business with more than 100 employees.

Simply somewhat more personally
Einböck Leopold Sr. set a good example, now Einböck Leopold Jr. simply describes the key success factors: "Like my father I also try to improve product quality cosntsantly. We permanently invest in our manufacturing process and work on the technical development of our machines. We have motivated employees who relate to our family business and who together with us have pleasure on tradition."