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einboeck-frisches-gruen-kleinRepair damaged grassland now

Droughty brown grassland into fresh green fields of new grass by problem solvers of Einböck
The year 2013 is characterized by weather extremes in central Europe. First too much water or even floods and now in summer the prolonged drought and heat – in many places the grassland has suffered greatly under these influences and has taken a lot of damage.

The wet spring caused a weak root development and took away the basis for profitable grassland cultivation. The poor rootedness in conjunction with the following extreme heat and drought has considerably afflicted the meadows. Too many gaps in the turf are a big problem because they minimize the yields.

Targeted grassland maintenance and reseeding
Quick measures of redevelopment whip deficient grassland into shape again. The intensively used meadows on the one hand have gaps because of the capricious weather conditions and on the other hand the natural potential of grass seed of course diminishes. The resulting voids in the turf will be closed by unwanted weeds and not by valuable forage grasses. The consequences are high silage yield and quality losses.

It is not too late!
The most effective means to prevent this is regular grassland maintenance and reseeding. Einböck has decades of experience in tined weeder technology and grassland management and offers reliable problem solver: PNEUMATICSTAR, PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO, GRASS-MANAGER UND GRASS-STAR ensures high grassland yields. Anyone who now supplements the drought and flood damaged patchy grassland with valuable forage grasses, makes out of the dry brown a fresh green again.

Support the grassland now: Einböck has decades of experience in tined weeder technology and grassland management!