einboeck-rotation-PB17260-I1.50 m - 12.00 m

The AEROSTAR-ROTATION is a rotative weeder with high flexibility in use. Rotating working tools disroot or spill weeds, encourage tillering and crack even hard soil crusts without any problems. The star wheels are mounted inclined, therefore the efficiency of weed control is more than respectable. Further those wheels are very insensitive to organic residues. That’s why this machine is perfectly suited for mulch-tillage. Even at low working speed as often required for sensitive crops, the AEROSTAR-ROTATION does a very effective work.





6.5 mm thick steel tines, casted into an inclined plastic disc do the job. Each of these 50 cm big star wheels is suspended separately. Therefore they adapt perfectly to any surface irregularities. The discs are mounted at a line distance of 15 cm on sections of 1.50 m. The inverted arrangement of these inclined mounted discs from the middle of the machine prevents from a possible side pull.

Comfortable pressure adjustment from the tractors seat:
An innovative system uses the power of two counteracting tension springs. By extending the hydraulic cylinder, the tension of the preload spring increases. The pressure on the star wheels increases as well. When retracting the cylinder, the relieving spring is tensioned. If desired the pressure on the working tools can actively be reduced, even until absolutely no pressure is left anymore (the star discs are floating).

The use of the machine for weed control before seeding is possible. Then an aggressive setting has to be chosen. In doing so, the steel tines even pull out deeper-lying roots and take them off on the earth.

- Total treatment over the whole working width by inclined mounted star wheels
- Maintenance-free disc bearings
- Hydraulic pressure and level control of all sections – ideal in rough terrain
- Compact folding