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Typical for maize is a very slow growth in the juvenile stage, therefore it can hardly defend the fast germinating weed. So it is important to start weeding very early. From the row closing on you only have to be aware of weed that can overgrow the maize, for example bindweed. To reduce loss of earnings the maize should be held absolutely free of weed from the 3-4-leaf stage to the 8-leaf stage.


Blind combing with the tined weeder AEROSTAR has e very positive effect on the culture. But a deeper, exact seed placement is necessary (4-5 cm). Using the tined weeder for weeding and breaking the soil crust is extremely effective at a plant height of about 7-18 cm. The use of longer tines (600 mm, AEROSTAR-EXACT) is recommended in higher cultures. But it is very important, that no spring frosts are expected after weeding. Weeding reduces frost resistance.

Weeding during and after the stem elongation (after formation of the first stem node) is not recommended. In the later stages, we recommend the use of a row-crop cultivator (CHOPSTAR).

Hoeing in maize has many advantages, like:

- Weed control
- Soil aeration
- Soil loosening (more warmth in the soil, stimulates growth of maize)
- Nitrogen supply of plant (through earthing up to the maize row)
- Great weed control results with low culture plant loss

The weather has a high effect on successful weed control during and after hoeing. The warmer and dryer it is, the faster weed dries up before it germinates again.

The automatic camera steering system ROW-GUARD should be used not to hurt the strong side roots of maize. It keeps the hoeing elements in the right distance to the plant. In combination with deflector plates (earthing up to plant shall not be prevented) or deflector discs (at mulch seeding, mulch layer gets cut through by the discs) the maize plant is perfectly protected during hoeing.

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We note that the above information is based on experience and in different conditions and situations different results can be achieved. The company Einböck assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information and any damages to equipment / crops.