Row hoe CHOPSTAR 20-30 cm

CS 20 01grain
12 - 32 rows

The hoeing machine in rear attachement version is equipped with an automatic top-steering. With the top steering, the steering wheels are guided through a mechanical connection with a high wheel-flange towards the slope.
The hoe always runs right behind the tractor even at curvy operation. For slopes over 6%, this guidance system can be additionally be equipped with a hydraulic pre-steering.

The CHOPSTAR hoeing machine gets individually assembled according to the customers specifications. We will gladly advise you!


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CHOPSTAR for a row spacing of 20 – 30 cm

At front machines, the retraction-adjustable parallelograms are pushed, this way a short construction of the hoe is reached. The parallelogram guided hoe elements are depth-guided by a Farm-Flex wheel accurately. Greasable and stable linkages on the spring-loaded parallelograms, which can be adjusted subsequently, guarantee a long product life. The shares are adjustable in height and position, also suitable in deeper work position. The crop deflector plates can hang in different heights; therefore you can reach an optimal heap through the correct tine position.


Video CHOPSTAR 20-30 cm (Youtube)


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