Machine for grassland care GRASS-MANAGER-PRO

GM PRO 011.50 m - 12.00 m

The GRASS-MANAGER-PRO is the robust version of the GRASS-MANAGER. It was especially designed for contractors, machinery associations, large scale farms and for farms with uneven grassland with many moelhills.

Every section is mounted on a parallelogram. One hydraulic cylinder per section ensures a perfect adaption to uneven ground and an optimal pressure compensation of the sections. The pressure can easily be adjusted from the tractor. A heavy triangular front levelling plate in front of the support wheels evens the mole hills.







Front mount

For the PRO-series there is a front mounting frame available. Whith this frame an existing rear mounted machine can easily be converted into a front mounted machine. When front mounted, steerable support wheels instead of fixed ones are standard.


Tine test

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