Ridger for hill-crops HILLSTAR

einboeck-hillstar-I2-12 rows

The HILLSTAR ridger for hill-crops is appropriate for row widths between 60 - 90 cm. Depending on the version, 2 - 12 rows are possible. The HILLSTAR in rear version is equipped with an automatic top-link steering. So the steering wheels are guided through a mechanical connection with a high wheel-flange towards the slope. The ridger always runs right behind the tractor even at curvy operation. For slopes over 6%, this guidance system can additionally be equipped with a hydraulic pre-steering.

The HILLSTAR ridger for hill-crops is assembled individually according to the customers specifications. We will gladly advise you!



- Optimal dam formation due to the sideway and angle adjustable large, concave discs
- Efficient dam maintenance for better plant growth and higher yields
- Sensitive to the crop (hair roots are not harmed)
- Can be used until the rows close- High quality disc bearings (are also used at ourshort disc harrow TWISTER)


The parallelogram-guided ridger elements are accurately depth-guided by a Farmflex wheel. Greasable and stable linkages on the spring-loaded parallelograms, which can be adjusted subsequently, guarantee a long product life. The ridger element is equipped with one tine (with a 180 mm wide share) for soil loosening. The height adjustable discs have maintenance-free bearings and are sideway and angle adjustable to the different forms of dams.