Universal fine Cultivator TAIFUN

einboeck taifun PB138632.50 m - 12.00 m

For effective operation on small or large areas, the Einböck universal fine cultivator TAIFUN is a multi-purpose, all-round machine. The TAIFUN is a classic machine for seed bed preparation due to its high and spacious frame construction - especially for areas with winter greening. The working-in of liquid manure and stable dung as well as light stubble cultivation or second stubble cultivation and the combat of couch grass are no problem for the TAIFUN at all. No other soil cultivation machine can be used as universal as the TAIFUN.



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Equipment characteristics such as a large frame pass line height with optimally tuned line spacing as well as double drag tines between the different trailing rollers and the last tine row guarantee the operation possibilities as mentioned above. The strong large spring tine made from high quality spring steel (50 x 13), distributed on 4 beams, is designed for long product life. The 2-piece frame, hydraulically foldable and lockable, can be retro-fitted with a chassis at any time. Then the machine can work in combination with a drill machine.The rear rollers are height-adjustable by a half hole raster. In order to reach a souverain soil cultivation, single spring mounted double-drag tines are mounted between the last tine row and the rear roller, guaranteeing exact levelling. A front levelling plate (on request) completes the various configuration possibilities of the TAIFUN.

Our mountable inter-crop seeders can be found under "seeding technology".


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