Universal front roller FRONT-SPIKE

Einböck FRONT SPIKE2.50 m + 3.00 m

On the market there is a big variety of front mounted implements. Machines with cast iron rings mainly consolidate the soil and eventually press stones into the soil. Machines with knive- or startools breakup the soil and are used in combination with rotary harrows on combined seeding.

Very important is to consider the high costs for wear and tear parts for these front implements. Quite often the purchasing costs dont have any relation to the achived advantages.



Einböck FRONT SPIKEEinböck FRONT SPIKEeinboeck frontstar PA9286


Combined with a seeding combination the FRONT-SPIKE is the ideal machine for the front linkage. The univeral roller FRONT-SPIKE is not only used for reconsolidation of the soil, also the effect in breaking up and levelling the soil is extraordinary. Through the ideal shape and the 3 row adjustment with small distance the special spike discs achieve a very good relation between  finely granulated and rough soil.

As the discs mesh there is also in wet conditions no danger that the roller gets stuck with soil. The spring loaded tine-bar, which is height adjustable without tools, level the plough clod and the clumps are crushed.

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FRONT-SPIKE / FRONT-STAR: The intelligent front mounted solution

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