Seed Bed Combination STANDARD

Einböck STANDARD 3.90 m - 5.80 m

High power of impact, as well as a big area coverage with low costs of wear parts are the crucial arguments for the use of the seed bed combination STANDARD. This low-priced, but nevertheless sturdy seed bed combination with simple hydr. side folding (tines look outward) is made for tractors from 75 up to 115 PS. Tried and tested for years, it offers a variety of combination possibilities in the choice of working tools, such as harrow sections, mini seed bed sections or serrated crumblers. These equipment possibilities all fulfill the agricultural demands for a perfect seed bed preparation.






The ideal seed bed is the foundation for a optimal plant development. The cultivated farmland should be well levelled and at the same time loosended over the whole working width and working depth.

Afterwards the trailing rolls of the seed bed combination STANDARD take care of an even reconsolidation to the deposit depth of the seeds. An optimal water supply for germ buds through the reconsolidation of the soil is given, so the best conditions for an even germination of the seed beds are given, which means that there is a higher harvest output.

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