Springtine cultivator VIBROSTAR

Einböck VIBROSTAR1.90 m - 12.00 m

The fine cultivator combination VIBROSTAR is especially used for light, medium as well as rocky soils.
Thanks to the special frame construction with the high quality spring tines an excellent passage with an intensive soil mixture of the seed bed is reached. We recommend this machine for seed bed preparation also after intermediate crops and for the second stubble turning. Depending on the tines the VIBROSTAR ideally can be used also for working-in of liquid and stable manure as well as for combat of couch-grass.



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The vibrating fine cultivator tines cultivate and airate in every desired working depth. They vibrate as well as in direction of motion as side ways - but move only slightly in height, therefore the maintaining of the desired working depth is guaranteed.

Depending on operation the machine is available with 4 or 5 rows with different tine shapes and tine lengths. The frame with 4 rows is also available with front roller. The large offer of different rollers ensures that also the one demanded by your soil is available.

The trailing rollers are parallel height-adjustable by half-hole raster and are also adjustable in the angle of inclination. This way you can adjust the working height of the first roller different from the second one, which leads to a better crumbling and reconsolidation.


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