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Seed Bed Preparation / Front Machines

The key to a satisfying yield is a proper seedbed preparation.

Difficult situation in respect of costs and time of the farmers demand machinery with high productivity and a wide range of fields of applications combined with an optimum working quality.

Next to the PTO-driven machines for seedbed preparation the trailed implements gain importance - especially in secondary tillage in grain, rape, potatoes as well as other row crops. Neither climate, fertilizer or chemicals can make up for mistakes in seedbed preparation. By fine-tuning the preparation process the soil can be put in a state of full activation of mineral-based fertilizer.

If, however, soil preparation is neglected a harvest loss of 20 percent and higher also due to excessive weed growth may be the result. That is why soil cultivation in spring needs to provide the optimal basis for crop growth and give the roots and the soil life enough nutrients and living space. Consequently, the mechanical equipment is supposed to

  • - level the surface
  • - adjust the depth
  • - loosen and crumble and
  • - re-consolidate and close the soil
We offer a wide range of machines, which excellently take care of these jobs.