The university of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, is testing our new CHOPSTAR with ROW-GUARD

uni hohenheim 01The university of Hohenheim in Stuttgart is running test series at the moment which aim to compare camera guided systems and RTK-guided systems in row crops. Where are the advantages and disadvantages of the systems, which working speeds can be reached with which equipment.



„South Island Field Days“ in New Zealand

NZ 00End of march we have been to New Zealand and visited the „South Island Field Days“ near Christchurch, one of the oldest and biggest agricultural fairs in new Zealand.



MOSES Organic Conference, Wisconsin, USA

M StartThis spring we have been to the MOSES Organic Farming Conference in Winsconsin, USA, one of the biggest exhibitions in the US regarding organic farming.



Interview with Jonas Schulze Niehoff/ Schleibnitz / Sachsen-Anhalt

einboeck-interview-niehoff-schulze-klein„Rarely such clear crops."

Einböck has experience in organic tillage for decades. Mechanical weed control gets still easier with novelty ROW-GUARD, camera steering system for hoes. Jonas Schulze Niehoff explains the way to save costs and time, plus more harvest with camera steered hoe technology.



A special class event

einboeck-ekoniva-eröffnung-klein-07-2013Opening of the largest European agricultural engines-dealer center in Russia
The fact that Russia is a land of superlatives is well known – especially the agriculture offers exhaustless resources and possibilities.